FULL NAME Samantha Karen Fox Samantha Fox
DATE OF BIRTH 15th April 1966
PLACE OF BIRTH Mile End, London E1.
ASTROLOGICAL SIGN Aries. "I think I'm a horse in the Chinese calendar, too."
HEIGHT 5 feet 1 inch 
VITAL STATISTICS 36 - 23 - 31 
FAMILY Mum Carole, Dad Patrick, sister Vanessa 
HOBBIES Kung Fu, watching videos, sleeping, weight training, kick boxing, swimming.
FAVOURITE DRINK Champagne ... and tea 
CHILDHOOD AMBITION To be a policewoman - or a singer!
WORST HABIT (OTHERS) Arrogance, swearing, vanity.
FAVOURITE ITEM OF CLOTHING A studded biker's jacket in softer, lighter leather than the one on the first album sleeve.

 Born on the 15th of April, 1966, Samantha Karen Fox is the first child of her proud parents Carole and Patrick. She was delivered by the doctor at Mile End Hospital. Mile End is deep in EastEnders country, making Sam, a true Cockney sparrow.

 Four years later, Sam Fox greeted school - St. Mary Magdalene in Islington the north London suburb the Foxes had moved to. Right from the start, Sam's warm smile and winning ways marked her down as a good mixer.

  At class, Sam chose music - a subject she really took to. The recorder was Sam's chosen instrument - and though there was always a piano in the house, she's honest enough to admit she "never really got to grips with it". But as her school reports from St. Gilda's RC through to St. Thomas More show, she was a promising singer.

  In 1985, Jive Records gave Sam a big break that led to her first hit record: "Touch Me".